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Mondulkiri Wildlife Sanctuary Trip

08. May 2018

 Took a trip to the protected wildlife sanctuary owned by the Mondulkiri Project in Cambodia. This awesome organization rescues elephants through buying them from logging and cruel tourists operations. They’ve also purchased this wildlife reserve for many years to come to prevent any further deforestation in the area (you can see in the distance how barren the hills are compared to here). Was an amazing experience to spend a day here and donate to their cause. This money goes directly to buying/saving Cambodian elephants, and trying to establish Cambodia’s first elephant breeding program to repopulate the country with this beautiful species that is constantly targeted and killed through poaching, harsh logging labor or habitat loss. Anyway, if you travel to SE Asia, don’t ride elephants, and don’t pay people to see caged animals and shit...it’s cruel. Go support an organization like this who is trying to do good against all odds and with ZERO government support. I rode an elephant back in 2007 with all my friends, unknowingly supporting shitty people who own them and abuse them and still hate that I did...but it’s 2018 and there’s no excuse for not knowing the truth anymore. Check em out, and give them a visit if you are in Cambodia! 🙏🏼🐘🌲www.mondulkiriproject.org

As a full-time traveler, and basing MESIC Curators & Collectors around the venture, being responsible and aware of my actions is always top of mind for me when abroad. To immerse yourself in the local culture, while being curious and respectful about what you are leaving behind, is to be a good ambassador and good person. Less fortunate countries (in terms of wealth) are often taken advantage of by privileged tourists and wealthy business proprietors with enough money to buy their compliance and their blind eye. Don't be like this. You don't have to do too much, or inconvenience yourself to be an upstanding citizen abroad. It's the small things that add up that make the biggest positive impact.

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