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Venture Out, Genuinely.

17. April 2018


Venture Out, Genuinely.

To 'Venture Out' seems to be such a cliché these days along with other awe-inspiring acts of social courage and taking risks in life. It's true that our generation is the group of self-proclaimed 'wanderlust subscribing, remote working, serial entrepreneurs', and you should be damn proud of this if it this applies to you!

...but we have to be genuine, and be more honest with this lifestyle claim. When I say 'genuine', I mean genuine to ourselves, not the Gram.

I think it's a beautiful thing that in our 20's and 30's our group of fellow millennials are collectively living lives in such opposition to the ones before us. We have the means to do this, so why wouldn't we? Most of us have worked jobs we hate (or even still do) or lived in an unhealthy situation, and felt that burning urge to just run towards something new or unknown. Many of us have followed that urge, and I personally, consider you my tribe and my people if this resonates with you. 

From this brand perspective you are the Curators & Collectors of our world.

But what I've continued to encounter is a serious lack in understanding and authenticity behind this lifestyle and this desire to live by your own terms.

You'll hear it all the time, "I’m going to...", and you can fill in the blank yourself. Further, you can fill in the subsequent months after hearing this claim with the emptiness of that statement uttered by your friend or colleague. We've all done it before, but you specifically know that one person who has said it for the last 10 years, or who probably mentioned something similar at work today, or at the bar this past weekend. And look, I'm not here to bash people for not following up on every exciting idea they come up with, or not following through with every life-changing statement they make. Shit, it would be impossible to do this. But I mean the people living by the code of empty promises to themselves, and these pseudo-ventures they never even had the slightest notion in undertaking.

This is what I'm addressing.

When I say "Venture Out", I don't mean necessarily by location, I mean outside of your current comfortability, and your current mundane routines. Whatever gets you down, whatever uninspires you. Whether that being an unfulfilling occupation, an depressing lifestyle, or a town you complain about each day and night. Change that shit, and mean it when you say it. Or better yet, stop saying what you're going to do, and just go plan it subtly in the background until you've reached your launch point, then go with it. Better to let others find out once it's in motion anyway.

Beyond the emptiness in this kind of talk, is the lack of understanding for the people that actually do live this life, and understanding of what they went through to get there. They didn't just wake up one morning with a thriving brick and mortar business, or stumble into a great new city or lifestyle. Work was put in, and other comfortable things were sacrificed in the process. Believe me when I say this is true. From friends to acquaintances to myself, I am a witness to this. I'm still on my journey to find myself, and to find my passion that thrives and is the 'one', whether it's a side hustle or just something that brings fulfillment to my life…I’m still searching, and always will be.

But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around and talk about it in the meantime.

Going back to the lack of understanding of these people who truly do Venture Out and infinitely search for 'it', and what they have gone through to get on the path (or maybe to the goal)…it's not all pretty Instagram posts and glorified Snapchat stories. 

It's failure, a lot of it.
It's heartbreak.
It’s anxiety.
It's sacrificing time out with friends.
It's spending your extra cash on a project that likely will fail.
It's staying up until 4am on the regular incessantly working on side hustles.
And countless others.

But these inconveniences are minor, or even unnoticed, at the moment by the kind of people who voluntarily (and continuously) endure them. They are regularly welcomed, because the benefit of Venturing Out and the relentless pursuit of more always outweigh the other options.

What I want to say to the people who want to do this, but don't know where to start is; take a leap. Take a stab. Take a risk. Whatever you want to call it, just take that first step in the direction of what you want, or in removing what you don't want anymore. Don't let the fear of the unknown or the controlling grip of a comfortable life stop you from this. On the other hand, if you are completely content + comfortable in your life, by all means, don't listen to any of this...you've probably stopped reading long before this part anyway.

I want to inspire people to build something, to create something, or to go see the world. I took a leap into the unknown 18 months ago; ended a relationship, quit a job that was literally giving me daily migraines, sold my shit, and moved to SE Asia without knowing a soul there. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

It CAN be done. I can't emphasize this enough. I am no different from you, and damn sure didn't have a ton of money to hedge my bet either.

I want all of us in the conversation of being your own boss, traveling abroad, or being an entrepreneur, to walk the walk...and not just blow smoke after a few drinks, or on social media. You and the ones you love will be better off if you do. You'll learn, grow, find your resilience, experience culture, experience defeat, experience victory, and taste life on your own terms. And know this: a similar job and your current routines will still be there for you if you decide you want them back, or decide this lifestyle isn't for you. 

But at least you will have Ventured Out and seen it for yourself...genuinely.

And in the most sincere statement I can offer in this post, I would love some of the readers of this post to get in touch with me if you have any questions on the how/what/why of Venturing Out, taking the leap, and pursuing the unorthodox path. While I don’t have all the answers and I’m far from done in my journey, I have been through a lot of it and would be pumped if I could influence just one person to take that leap they've been contemplating for months or years.

The comfortable life is an easy one. The Life Ventured is a fulfilling one. 

Jon Mesic
MESIC - Curators & Collectors


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